The company is run by an outstanding team of Ph.D and master degree holders working together with you to make innovation easy. The 19,500 square feet R&D center is dedicated to custom synthesis and can meet the demand of new compounds from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms. A confidentiality agreement is signed with each customer and we make sure that our clients are kept informed with the progress during the whole custom synthesis proces.

Bide Pharmatech designs services that covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry chain including: synthesis of pharmaceutically active compounds and reference compounds, synthetic routes, documents and data query services.

The main reactions used in our lab are:
Alkylation ·Amination·Anhydrous Anaerobic Reaction·Cyanation·Diazotization·Esterification·Friedel-Crafts Reaction ·Grignard's Reaction·Halogenation Reaction·Hydrogenation (Pd /C, Pt) ·Lithiation·Nitration·Oxidation·Polycondensation Reaction·Reduction (NaBH4, Fe) ·Suzuki Coupling Reaction

Please send an email to with your product name, structure or CAS No. and detailed requirements.